It just seems like yesterday that I was celebrating 2020, and here we are 365 days later. What a year 2020 has been. It’s a dilemma for me to decide if it was a year to remember or forget.

There were many events across globe that drew attention. The bush fire in Australia, Black lives matter movement, the locust attack, protests in Hong Kong, the Lebanon Blast and the list goes on. But none bigger than COVID-19 a global pandemic which brought us to a standstill.

Yes, millions of people fell sick, lost their lives, and it affected us in a way that we could have never imagined. People losing out on jobs, a tremendous challenge for people working in the public service departments, doctors working endlessly, it was just chaos.

Amidst all the things happening, as an individual, I understood that life goes, and it doesn’t stop for anything, not even a micro-organism that isn’t visible to the naked eye. We adapt to the change, masks covering our face, sanitizers cleaning our hand, transforming our homes into office, turning meetings into video conferences. And just like that, we developed a compulsive behaviour of staying safe and clean.  

EAT-SLEEP-WORK-REPEAT became a new mantra for me, the days it locked us up. Yes, I was scared to step out of my house, news channels doing a 24-hr coverage of the increase in COVID positive cases, just increased my paranoia. The times I went out for essentials, I covered myself up and leaving me with very minimal body exposure. At a point of time, the situation was restless.

On the contrary, it wasn’t all just bad, there were a lot of things I did which I probably wouldn’t have done. I could dedicate some me-time, read books, watch some shows, learnt some new skills, rekindled some friendships, video calls. I could better understand myself and people around me. When things eased out a little, I went out, met a few friends, have a weekend getaway and maybe felt life is getting back to normal.

I have this mixed feeling about the year 2020; I don’t think it’s wrong to say that it gave everyone an opportunity to mould a better version of ourselves, made us understand the importance of the limited time we have and realise that things always don’t go according our plans. We learned to adapt to the situation, come out of our comfort zones (for some it’s the other way around).

With a new strand of virus posing a threat of 2020 repeating all over again, it’s safe to say that there is still a need to be cautious and be safe. Get those masks out, keep your sanitizers handy and maintain that distance from large crowds.

Let 2021 be an opportunity to reach all those dreams that didn’t happen in 2020, I wish the best to all the people reading this and let’s embrace what’s in store for the future.

Happy 2021! Stay safe stay strong, until next time..