Weekend at Chickmaglur

The thing about travelling is making memories and an opportunity to cherish them later on. This is one instance where we travelled as a group outside of Bangalore.

Like most Goa plans, ours fizzled out because of the pandemic, that locked us down for over 6 months, and we all needed a break and after months of planning we went to Chickmaglur aka Coffee Land. We were all set to depart with no plans other than a rented car.

The journey began around 9pm on a Friday night from Electronic City, with Cooper switching places back and forth. We dropped off my mother at my native place and headed towards Hassan, where we had made our first accommodation.


We reached our accommodation for the night at 2 a.m. with no food and almost no fuel in the car. To our misery, the hotel owner refuses to check in because we made an online payment. With almost all our phone batteries dead, we are trying to look for alternate places for the night and having a conversation with the customer support where we booked the accommodation. How adventurous can this get? After several minutes of discussion, we decide to pay cash and check-in for the night. (End of Adventurous night 1).

We freshened up and made our way to Chickmaglur and in search of food, with all the pandemic heat still on, finding a good place to dine was a bit of a disaster, eventually we found a place where we had our breakfast and reached Chickmaglur city, where we ran into Indian traffic police nonsense, we got pulled over for not wearing a seat belt whereas we were clearing wearing it. Well, cops will be cops and we had to pay a fine. At that moment, to be honest, I felt like the entire weekend get away was jinxed.

We reached our second accommodation booking, and it was the first happy moment this trip, the place was amazing and was very welcoming.

After a few hours of rest, we left for Hirekolale lake on a cold rainy evening. The chilly breeze and the drizzle made this location amazing. An open space with a scenic view is worth the visit. But the star of the evening was Cooper. A two-month-old Pomeranian pup just drew people’s attention. I realised people would rather want to know about a puppy more than people.

We returned to the stay, had a cup of coffee and returned to our room. The night didn’t end there, not when we have a puppy around. I understood how it feels to sleep with a puppy, being licked all over the face when you are asleep. (End of Night 2)

And our final day in Chickmaglur, we visited the beautiful scenic Mullayanagiri peak. A tip for people visiting the peak, take a cloth that keeps you warm. It was cold, even a hot roasted corn was cold within seconds. And it’s time to get back to Bangalore.

When travelling with a group, I always feel that it’s about the people than the destination. I really hope that the companions on this trip feel the same way as I do. To wrap it up, it was an amazing getaway with a little trouble and fun.

Until next time..